Is he interested in me? Or too soon to tell?

Well, there's this new guy I'm kind of crushing on and I want to know if he's interested..
He always initiates conversations with me and he's really nice.. usually I have to go and talk to someone so it's nice to have a change. Like he will always try to talk to me or comment on something I said. At first I thought he was really friendly but later on when I saw him again, we started saying hi to eachother. I think we've known each other for like 3 weeks and last week he saw me and decided to give me a hug to greet me. Then yesterday he shook my hand for a really long time lol like I literally felt it lasted an eternity lol and we were just standing there and staring at each other.. then he walked past me and we made eye contact and he made like an "encouraging fist" sign lol I guess he was trying to make me laugh and it worked hahaha

Does he sound interested? I don't want to ask of he likes me because I think it's too soon but yeah.. is there not enough evidence? Lol


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  • Just sounds like he's friendly. Nothing indicates he is interested in more than friends from what you've said.

    • Thanks for your answer! I think I'm imagining it since I'm crushing hahaha

    • yeah but if u girls want to know how a boy show that he is interested or not then u can come to Skype with me

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  • I'm interested.

  • not really u can't predict a guy ,, but u can ask me to come in Skype with me


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