Getting over someoneWhen you're pretty sure he was the one?

I had a best friend in 6th grade, he used to climb up on my roof and talk to me through my bedroom window, we used to play pokemon in the woods back behind my house... He is LITERALLY my childhood wrapped up in one person
But he moved that year and I tried looking for him in every phone book/facebook/everything. One day he was sitting across from me in school, six years later...
things were BEYOND AMAZING for a month or so but then he randomly stopped talking to me and even started ignoring me. He asked me out after 2 months of silence and I was so upset that I said no...
I immediately regretted it and my pride got in the way of me fixing it. (I'd give anything to go back and do it again)

That was TWO years ago and I am still beating myself over it. I've found that I can't get serious with any other guy and I've turned down numerous people since then. He's long gone in Texas now but I am fully convinced that I loved him and I know that if he came back, I'd fall on my knees and beg for him.
But it's not going to happen and I know that I need to move on. there are other guys who like me but I can't date them when I know I still have feelings for him


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  • You need to move on, there's something better. Don't look at the past and think what if because if it wasn't meant to be it would never have worked even if you did say yes. So stop focusing on this guy before you really miss the real "one".


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  • resolve your feelings for him and move on