I like a girl but I feel like she doesn't really care about the whole of my existence please help me out?

title is really self explanatory, please help me, also how can you tell if a girl is flirting with you, or just being friendly?

that and if i am interested in a girl, how should i approach things?


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  • Um, well lets start with the whole girl not caring about your exsistence. Normally if a girl acts that way you are either annoying her or she is just too busy with whatever is on her mind or what she is doing at the moment. And then to be totally honest there is a very thin line between flirting and being friendly when it comes to girls. But if a girl likes you she will blush when you say sweet things to her and she shouldn't be too vague about how she feels about you


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  • If she isn't interested in you then don't waste time with her. Value yourself enough to spend your time and energy on people who care about you.

  • she talks to you daily, asks about you, flirts with you little bit, sends you goodmorning and goodnight texts, teases you, makes you laugh, laugh at your jokes, etc all these are major signs. :')


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