? How can I ask a girl out?

So I'm very much interested in this girl we have a lot in common and I think she likes me too, but I still feel conflicted to ask her out because of fear she will avoid me and never talk to me even though she keeps asking me to tell her what's on my mind and how what ever I say will have no effect on how she feels about me I still worry and holding all these emotions and fear really is starting to hurt and i don't know what to do because I don't want to let her go and lose her.


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  • Ok well she sounds like she's in ur position
    But ignore that, obviously ur chances of getting rejected is slim, however I'm saying forget that because u need to over come that fear in order to keep her.

    U'll never know unless u try, u have a lot in common with her. Meaning ure comfortable talking to her.
    It's simple, be original. Just ask her to a coffee date, it's casual on neutral grounds.