Take care? What is meant by this?

So I've been seeing someone for a couple of moths now. We always get along really well ad make each they happy. He's very open with his emotions. We hung out for the longest time we ever had over the weekend and for the most part were very quiet. I did mention I wondered why we were so quiet and he said he hoped I wasn't sad about it. He wrote me a text when I got home saying how happy I made him and that he enjoyed y company even when we had little to say. Wished me a good night and then said "take care lovely girl x" what's your take on this? Him finishing it or reading too mh into it?


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  • Did he mention not seeing you anymore?

    • No, I'm just pulling what I can from take care? What do you think?

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    • But we still haven't spoken since my reply which was just reciprocating the feelings!

    • How long ago was that?

  • Why don't you talk to him more you should he would like if you open maybe u guys just need a little push just don't give up unless he gives u a reason to it doesn't seem to me that he ended it but I don't know how he us with u