Does he like me , or is he just playing me?

So i have been talking to this guy since March, we went out but it was long distance, we broke up because of trust issues, and he still messages me, but like sometimes one a week, or every two weeks, recently he was joking around and i didn't like the joke, and i told him he was being rude ects. and he hasn't messaged me in two days but i really do care about this guy. and i dont know how to tell him because im afraid he might not feel the same way :/ but if he doesn't like me, then why did he keep txting me for so long? what are his true intentions? :(


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  • Sometimes guys will text a girl just because his bored, and I think that is why he only texted you so seldom. I think it is best to just move on from this guy, don't reply him when he text you again, just forget about him. I know it is easier said than done, but you will only get hurt in this situation.

    • thanks for the advice, deep inside i knew thhis is what i had to do but my feelings didn't want to believe it