What does he want? Sex or something serious?

I met a guy on new year's eve and slept with him. Thought it was nothing but another ONS. But next morning he asked for my number when he left then we started texting. A few days later I went on my holidays, we still texted each other during my holidays. He took me out last week. It was a really good date. Everything went so well. But I thought the only reason he took me out was he wanted to have sex with me. Surprisingly he didn't say anything about it and wasn't even trying to kiss me or hug me! We talked a lot and nothing was sexual or flirty just normal conversation about our lives and families. I can tell he really tries to know me. I got his message as soon I got home saying that he had a really nice time and maybe he could cook me dinner on Friday night. Cook me dinner? Friday night? I'm really confused. Does he like me or just try to have sex with me again by doing something nice to please me first so I won't refuse? I promised to myself he was my last ONS. I want to have something serious this year because I've never been in a serious relationship before, and honestly I really don't like the empty feeling waking up next to a stranger. Guys I need your help PLEASE!!! Should I go or not? What dose he want? Obviously every man wants sex, which is understandable. But if I have sex with him again, would he take it seriously or just another casual sex like what we did at first? by the way he's the best cuddler I've ever had, kinda miss cuddling with him


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  • If he wasn't interested in some type of relationship with you I think he would have tried for sex the second time your saw him. I think you should have dinner with him, if you like him. He might well try for sex again, but I think he's probably interested in something more as well.

    Anyway if you do it again it would be a TNS...

    • Thank you :) Yeah, I think I'll have dinner with him but I'm not sure that I like him or not at the moment. He is a really nice guy, I want to know him more to make us into next level.

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