Should I feel uncomfortable?

Should I feel uncomfortable if my boyfriends older sister wants him to be in the birthing room while she births her child?


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  • No... that's her brother... wat?

    • He's going to watch his sister birth a baby.
      But she also has been trying to break us up also by making lies about me

    • She only wants her brother in the birthing room.

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  • No, why should you feel uncomfortable!!!

    • She only wants him in the birthing room.

    • Yes but I don't see it as a problem or a cause for comfortability.

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  • No. Whatever he will see there, he already saw before. And your sister will need someone to whom she could hold tight on her delivery.

    • She has a husband

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    • She doesn't want anybody else in the delivery room expect her brother

    • & lol it's okay

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