How can I slow down for her?

So I'm dating this amazing girl. She's loving, beautiful, caring, fun and smart. She shows the perfect amount of PDA/"lovey-dovey"-Ness that just makes me smile. She doesn't deal well with stress and is havin trouble with work which is stressing her out a lot. We've talked about it, and she swears up and down that she's fine, and not to worry. But I can tell somethings wrong. She made a comment once that we need to setup a friendship first. I've spoiled her silly since we started dating: spa days, weekend getaways, romantic dates. Things like that, but I can tell that she not only wants to do the couple type dates, but she wants to be able to hang out with me as of we were best friends. But I don't really know how to backtrack like that. So that's why I'm here, I'm looking for everything from you opinions to suggestions on things to do as if we were just friends. I just want her to feel like she can trust me both as her boyfriend and as her friend.


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  • A good first step is to bring her around your friends and treat everyone the same, well, slightly different on her part, you know, with the PDA and all.

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