Most of my exes were lying cheaters, what am I doing to attract these bitches and how do I stop?

Basically I know for a fact all but one of my ex gfs cheated on me, all while saying to my face, in one case for years at a time, that they loved me, I was the only one for them etc .

I've heard that people who get cheated on a lot are doing something to attract those bitches, is this true? If so what is it and how do I not do it anymore?

I'm tired of always being lied to, manipulated and used by these sociopaths what can I do to find an actually sensitive woman?


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  • IIm right here ;) LOL. But seriously, I agree with the answers, a lot of it is bad luck and just not looking for the signs. My assumption is you are a "nice" guy. You would do anything for any
    My bf of a year and a half was like you, but is twice your age, so he's been hurt by these type of women a lot. And he's told me all the stories. Besides his ex wife who cheated on him, he's been in a mess of relationships with the worst women.

    • Signs like what?

      FYI Im a nice guy in that i treat others the way i want to be treated. i am not however a doormat at the beck and call of any woman that says she loves me 24/7 which i guess is what they wanted.

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    • I wish I had the answers for you. Guess Im just basing it on my bfs exes. Those flags were all that he had witnessed. I dont expect my bf to pay for everything. Guess Im an exception to the rule. So what exactly is the problem with the women you date? What happens with them to cause you to write this question? Your question says they cheated on you? Is there a pattern in which you see with all the exes? The pattern with my exes was I always was attracted to someone that needed saving, and as a result they used me. Any particular pattern that you see?

    • thanks for mh. I sincerely wish for all the best of luck for you.:)

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  • Watch for red flags, or take the relationships slower that might help, but in the end someone could still cheat. It's not really anything you do to cause it, it's just bad luck in meeting the wrong women. There are still good women out there so don't lose hope. :)


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  • You are one of those guys, possibly, who will only date really good looking girls.

    There's a higher number of cheaters amongst the pretty girls, because they get more opportunities to cheat.

    • Well, while I thought they were all really good looking, most others such as my friends thought most were average looking.