According to older posts to his Twitter, everything he's doing with me are things he's done with girls in the past. Am I right to feel upset?

I felt special... Then now I dont. Now I feel like what he does with me and wants to do with me is some script he's following.

Taking me to the same places, (thank you to him for his kindness, but still) wanting the same kind of selfies photos with me. He also had tried to tell me ohhh he never gets out. Yeah he does. It's all there. I felt like he was more my match I guess. But now I feel lied to.

Can anyone relate to this?

And do most guys follow a script? I'm like... I felt like he wasn't really "getting" me either.


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  • Well that's his stratergy to get the girl he wants. What's so wrong that he repeats it?
    Also you're upset because he takes the same pictures with you than his ex girlfriends. Taking pictures for his Twitter is kinda self centered anyway. Why even date him he is basically a girl.

    But to finalize this opinion I wish I could tell this guy this: Everything you post can and will be used against you in the court of cyberspace. Amen.

    • Lol thank you for this! Yeah it gave me a better sense of him, before getting too deep. It was useful. But yeah I have no idea if him repeating his methods is bad or good. I just know it made me feel a bit less is all. And like I said, I kept feeling like stuff he'd want to do wasn't me... Like he wasn't getting me. You just figure you gotta tweak the script. Or there shouldn't be one :-/

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    • But if you don't like him and don't agree with his methods then just dump him and move on:

    • Oh yeah definitely. We are just not compatible like I thought, just not getting a good feeling.

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  • why are you creating problems if there isn't any problems with your relationship?

    • I don't know him and stuff he's told me doesn't add up. So I looked back into his social media. I am not making problems. I am finding truth and seeing he's not for me

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  • if he's not for you, the best thing would be to move on, even though it hurts, its still better to orevent yourself from having a broken heart that will be harder to heal later