Help: Had a date with this girl I like and it went really well, but she's not replying back to me anymore?

I had a "pre-date" with this girl whom I like a lot a couple days ago, and it went really well. We spent the day together at her house watching Netflix, eating a bunch of food (I brought her her favorite snacks), singing songs to each other, and just being in each other's company. The reason why I had this "pre-date" with her is because we never hung out together alone (she always had friends there) and I wanted her to see how well I could treat her. That way when I asked her out on a real date, she would be more inclined to say "yes".

Anyway after I went home, I texted her saying that I had a great time and things seemed normal. A couple days later I texted her again, but she did not reply. And now, another couple of days later, I just texted her and she hasn't replied yet. What could this mean? Is she losing interest? Am I being a pest? I know she has stuff going on, mainly school, but she hasn't not replied to me before so I'm worried. I REALLY like her, we're really close friends, and I don't want to end up unintentionally pushing her away :/

Forgot to include this, but I did ask her out on an official date a little bit before I left her house. She said that she isn't ready to be in a relationship and that she just needs a little more time. She didn't say "yes", but she didn't reject me either, so I'm hoping I have a chance with her.


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  • First of all, didn't you write an amazing article for this site? I think you're that guy. If it's you, I loved it. And that girl is really and truly missing the opportunity to be with a wonderful guy.
    I think the only way you'll know for sure is to get the answer from her. You've gotten mixed messages. You had a wonderful time, but she isn't accepting or rejecting your date. She's being rude to you with the lack of responses to your texts. It sort of spells out that she's not interested, and I'm sorry. I think you need to wait at least one or two more days and send this:
    Hey, I'm really interested in you and I'm not hiding my feelings. I feel like you're avoiding my messages, but I'm asking that you are upfront with me instead ignoring me. Please, if I need to stop, just tell me. If you like me, as a friend or as anything else, let me know. I'm only asking that you don't ignore me.

    • Yes I am that guy, thank you!

      Also, after the day I posted this question, I waited like 3-4 days and I tried messaging her once again. At first I figured that maybe she was just preoccupied and/or stressed because she had midterms that week. I waited until the weekend to message her, thinking to myself "It's the weekend now, she should be done with her exams, hopefully she'll reply this time." I still didn't get a reply. As the days went by, I started to feel that she was doing it intentionally, but I didn't want to assume. So in order to give her the benefit of the doubt, I waited ANOTHER few days and when I texted her (again), I told myself that if she didn't reply by midnight then I would stop trying.

      She has yet to reply to me. So I have given up on her.

    • I'm so sorry. You said you really liked her and you put in some great effort. Fort what it's worth between what you did for her and for your very sweet myTake message you deserve so much more than a girl who takes you for granted. I really hope you find a girl who will appreciate how sweet you are.

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  • If she doesn't text you back today text her again tomorrow and say, "Hey again! Sorry about another message, but I just wanted to let you know that I miss chatting with you and would love to hang out again sometime. If things have been moving too fast I apologize, and want you know I totally respect what you want. If you're interested go ahead and just let me know and I'll make it happen. Otherwise, hope you're having a great week (:" It puts the ball in her court. Let's her know you are interested, but respectful of her. Sometimes girls say they aren't ready for a relationship as a way to say that aren't interested period. Sounds like you really like her, so sending that text will help you find out. If she is interested but not ready, she'll reply and you'll know. If she isn't interested in you as more than friends, she either won't reply or you'll know by her text. Good luck!

  • By the sound of it, I say at the moment all she wants is a friend. Perhaps later boyfriend.


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  • She doesn't want to date is what that means. You will probably have to lay low for awhile to be honest, sounds like she just isn't that interested right now, regardless of how the press date went. If she like the predate enough, she would have said yes instantly... sorry

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