Is it lame to always just hang out and watch movies for dates?

Our first date we went out to a movie, our second date we watched movies in my dorm and went to dinner then kept watching movies. For our third date I don't know what to do, and all I keep thinking of is watching movies again. Do you think thats lame and will he become uninterested in me if thats all we do? I feel so lame...

Do you have any better suggestions? I live in the midwest, and its pretty cold outside. I thought about a hockey game, but our team doesn't have a game this Saturday, plus I could get in for free and he wouldn't be able to, and he would have to buy a ticket because he's out of college.


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  • Go ice skating? Roller skating? Laser tagging? Lol, I don't know. I usually hang out and watch movies with my bf. We do other things besides that, but it's usually inside - like playing cards, sitting down and talking, etc.

    • I like the playing cards idea, I love to play cards. plus I love games haha. Do you think just hanging out is fine? I've never been out with a guy before, so I'm not really sure what to expect datewise.

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    • I have the same problem, This guy lives about 45 minutes away and I'm in college and on the swim team so it gets difficult to find weekends when I'm free. He wasn't picking up hints when I was telling him my free weekends, which is either this Saturday or a weekend near the end of feburary. So finally I just asked him if he wanted to do something. ( I guess you really didn't need to know that haha)

    • LOL, it's alright. Yeah, my bf and I usually have Fridays and Saturdays that we can hang out. Sundays he has soccer games so we can't hang out then and during the week I def's can't see him. My dad's already getting pissed at me for spending all my weekend time with him and says I should "spend it with the family". Watching movies at one persons place is not bad at all. I love it. I mean, I get to cuddle with my bf and make out lol. To me it's fun.

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  • I kinda like doing that when im just in really comfortable moods. its comforting :D

  • I know college hockey well... What school? This helps me think about entertainment options to help you out.

    • We don't have a college team, we only have like a minor league kind of team, just with the city. I go to SDSU (South Dakota)

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    • I have an MS in ME, but work in a EE / software field, so I can appreciate. Consider going here:
      Such museums are actually fun for adults too. "... the only full size, permanent animatronic T. Rex, Mama, is on display with baby Max."

      Also, something really good to do together is cook. If it was the warm months, I'd say consider going to the Brookings Farmers Market, get some fresh fruits, vegs, and meats and make a righteous meal. Cooking and dining with my wife are among our favorite activities.

      In March, go see "Rex's Exes" at the Brookings Community Theatre.

      There are all sorts of things to do, but your need to search the web a bit and be willing to drive sometimes.

    • Wow lots of ideas, thanks

  • How tedious.

    What rubbish dates.

    • Do don't see you giving any better Ideas

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    • 1. I'm only 20 so that rules out bars.
      2. we still have gone out to dinner.
      3. We live in the midwest, and its about 0 degrees as an average high, so mini golf is kind of out
      4. where I go to school there's no concerts anytime soon, and not any shows going on at our theaters currently
      5. I get that movies are MEH. I just don't know what else to do

    • Go for walks, explore the great outdoors.

  • Movies are fun and u can make them more fun by doing some naughty things in dark lol


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  • I love watching movies, alone, with friends, guys, whoever... So I wouldn't see it as that big of a problem. (especially if you've only been on a date twice). I'm not suggesting you go on like this forever, you do have to mix it up a bit. I don't really care where we go as long as he's good company, so if it were me we could go for a walk, stop at a park (the cold isn't always such a bad thing; if you're cold you have to get warm somehow, right? :P), play some inside sports like bowling or ping pong... it doesn't really matter...

    And it's definitely not lame, a lot can come out of it...

    • I feel the most comfortable right now with him, just hanging out and watching movies. I just think its something we both enjoy and neither of us want to do something the other person doesn't want to do.

    • You shouldn't worry then. Let things go their way.
      I'm sure you'll find some common interests when you get to know each other better... :)

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