How to make a really long distance relationship work?

I went on holiday and met a girl. She showed me her country. I gave her her first kiss, and a few days later, we were both no longer virgins. When I left towards home she was crying and felt sad. We have been texting and videochatting since, and in about a year she can visit my country. We live too far apart to see each other more than once or maybe if we're lucky twice a year. Can I make this work?


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  • i have had plenty of friends with distant relationship a lot of them didn't last some of them lasted a year even two years , how did they do that? here are the options

    - always keep livechat
    - if the live chat got boring go to tinychat to share funny videos or sharing music
    - invite friends to livechat with you guys not just yourselves for fun even in the tinychat
    - send each other things , anything ! from messages , small gifts as long as it reminds you
    both are together
    - the most important thing is dont let the whole idea of "distance " get into your head
    let this " distance " be an illusion as if it doesn't exist and that you guys are actually with each other
    so its like distract each other from this idea
    - fool around with each other with online games that you both can play
    i remember i used to draw with my friends online fooling around playing bingo on a drawing
    i have even seen couples playing same MMORPG ( role playing games )
    so just play those things to amuse each other
    - the most important thing is keep in contact dont miss a chat
    or a message
    - keep up conversations make them interesting
    talk in any kind of topic that amuses you guys or a topic that didn't pop out of your mind
    - you can watch a movie together online too
    - since you actually have the money to visit her do try to visit her in vacations because not seeing
    the person for a year or two can actually kill the relationship but to see that person in a vacation for a week can give a hope and build the relationship

    hope this helps for advices and good luck.


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