I'm so confused, help me please?

So my great uncle had passed away on Wednesday and I asked my boyfriend if he would go with me to the funeral since I was going to be by myself. He said no, but then all of a sudden said that he would go if we would stay part way through and go back to my place to have sex. I said no to that and asked him why he didn't want to go to the funeral. He then tells me that he just does not like funerals at all, which I understand.
I told my mother, and to me it seems like she had an issue with my boyfriend and basically how I live my life, that he wasn't going with me. She then writes it on Facebook, as she does every time my boyfriend does not agree to do something with me, but rewords it in her past experience.
I have no idea what is up with these two in all honesty. Any advice? Thank you.


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  • The guy is a fucking douche if he says he'll go only if you have sex with him later, pretty plain to see.


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