Is he interested but shy or just wants friendship?

I met a guy at work and we finally swapped numbers after about a month of him coming into the bar I work In every weekend. We've been messaging every day for 2 months now and have been on 3 dates, about to go on a fourth. He asked me out on the first time and we went for a drink and to he cinema and he dropped me off after and messaged me when he got home to say he had such a laugh and said normally first dates are awkward but that was easy it was as if we've known each other for a year. I've been the one since then to arrange places to go or do things, he does seem a shy person which Im not used to, but it'd be nice if he made an effort once in a while for him to arrange things instead of me arranging it all the time, this makes me feel as if he's not interested but we do talk every day. Every time I try flirt with him a little he doesn't really respond or he avoids it and changes the subject. When we've been out on the few dates he does make an effort and dresses nice and puts my favourite aftershave of his on and we're about to go on the fourth date within the next week. He always asks how my days been and he remembers little things such as that id gone out for a meal for my mums birthday and asked if she'd enjoyed herself and seems genuinely interested to what I have to say. I usually fall for guys quickly but I don't think I've quite fallen for this guy quite yet and I don't know where I stand but feel as if its too early to tell him I don't want to see other people, just him. Then im worried if I don't he moves on to someone else. We haven't slept together yet and he hasn't even attempted to which makes me think he's a genuine nice guy unlike the others I've had experience with! Do you think he sounds interested in being more than just friends and should I just go for it and tell him where I stand? and do you think if he is interested, that he's just quite shy? I wouldn't mind making the effort if I knew this was why.

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  • I think he just sounds shy. If he's been with you this long and puts in an effort on your dates, he probably just doesn't want to lose you by crossing any lines. He sounds like a genuine gentleman who is quite shy. I'm almost certain he is just being shy. If you went out and told him how you feel, he would probably be sooo happy to hear it. I'm a moderately shy guy to say the least and it took me a long time to make a move because I thought if lose my girl. Reassurance from the girl can really help the guy. Especially if he's shy

    • Thanks for your opinion, its definitely helped me hearing it from a guys point of view. I guess I'll have to brave it and tell him how I feel! Thanks again :)

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