If you shared some deep info to your s/o, would you?

If you shared some deep info about your childhood with your significant other, would you expect a reply of at least acknowledgement? & if your partner shared that with you, would you at least reply?

I didn't share anything "insane" and he never replied but read it... I'm fuming right now because I an pissed in this relationship for the lack of communication. I finally opened up and nothing

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I wasn't probing for him to share... Just an acknowledgement of what I said. That is it. It could have been as simple as, "I didn't know" or as complex as engaging in the conversation further. I don't care but something?
We broke up


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  • I've been opening up to girls and being honest then they pretend to my face that they like me but then when we part and behind my back they reject me.

    It's so weird. I'd almost prefer you to be real to my face than fake to my face then when I turn then disappear from my life.

    It makes me regret being open and honest like there is something wrong with me telling the truth.

    • Precisely. It feels like shit...

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    • I wasn't asking for your sake. I needed you.

    • Well I don't know who you are lol you and anonymous. ?

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  • I wouldn't necessary expect them to care but would expect them to listen to what I had to say and maybe share there thoughs on my experiences , but some people just aren't interested in stuff from the past like this and sometimes its best to just move on

    • Yeah. Well he was engaging in the conversation then dropped off and we've been dating for 6months. You'd think he would care in the slightest to at least say, "I didn't know" or "oh I understand".

    • maybe he just found convo awkward for some reason or didn't feel comfortable talking about whatever this was

    • Possibly. Pathetic excuse to not even say the simplest of statements like "no worries" after I thanked him for letting me vent.

      A grown man can only act like a grown man for so long in his case...

  • That's terrible. I'd be upset too. I seriously hope he gets back to you on that.

    • Knowing him, he will and act like nothing happened. I don't know where to go from there... I'm so bad at confrontation and expressing myself

    • Aw seriously? That's the absolute worst. I'm sorry you're in that situation. You guys have to talk about it, somehow.

    • Sorry you had to break up, but it seems like it was for the best if he wasn't willing to respect your emotional needs.

  • I don't see why not.

    • As in?

    • If I share I don't expect my lady to share back. If she does great! If not thats fine.

What Girls Said 2

  • Yeah that'd be kinda rude if they ignored me.

    • Exactly. Especially after 6months of dating. I don't care if he is "busy"... My mind is freaking blown if a person is busy for 36hrs straight to the point they cannot respond

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    • Nothing I shared had to do with him. Just some things that happened in my childhood that related to what we were discussing... & it is really hard for me to share that info with people... Especially to just be ignored and put off

    • Well, are you sure he's worth it? If I loved someone I'd stand by them.

  • Maybe he's figuring out how to reply to it?

    • For 36hrs. ? That's a lot of thinking. All he had to say was, "oh, I understand" or "I didn't know" anything.

      Or when I said after that I apologize if that was more than he anticipated hearing... He could have said, "it is okay. I am here for you"

      Anything. Litterally.