New girl (to life/school)?

Ever since she came she's shown interest and my friend, s even teachers have noticed. So we text for about 3 days straight lots of flirting all the normal stuff. And then we won't talk for about a week and then pattern continues, this has been going on for 2 months+ Now I see her everyday in school so doesn't really bother me since she's always trying to flirt. 95% sure she finds me attractive at least.
So on Saturday we were texting and she tells me she's "doing her hair" and I ask "why?" But she never responded. Guess you could say it hurt my ego just a little since I'm fairly good with the ladies. My guess is she's attempting to play games with me which won't work my ego is too big. I won't text her until she initiates and even then I'll dwell on replying. Just seems weird to me since in person she tries/does act the same.
Now I maybe like this girl maybe not. This just seems like a deal breaker to me since she's ALWAYS on her phone. No way she forgot a reply.
Lol 😂😂 at my rant. Thoughts people?


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  • Maybe it is because you ego is too big that she does not want to respond. I'm sorry but you sound exactly like the type of guy who think he is God's gift to all woman. FYI maybe you should start working on your attitude before you start accusing her of playing games. Maybe she was interested in the beginning, maybe she just lost interest. I don't think she is playing any games, I just think she does not always want to talk to you because maybe she is also not sure whether she likes you or not.


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