Your Tinder Experience?

tell me your tinder experience guys and girls. im curious to know what you think, how you have gone, met any nice people, had any luck or is it all just sex, do you get many matches, many people talk to you, or is it all just swipe swipe swipe.

girls do you swipe no on almost every guy
what makes you swipe yes and no (background, picture, muscles, body showing or not) face? what they write.

guys as well




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  • Emotionally damaged women with various motives ready to be exploited. It's a fucking zoo!

    • Speaking of Emotionally damaging, your judged on 1 picture could be a good one or bad one in your opinion or anothers. but yeah its mad me depressed.

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    • yeah but I can't say any other dating sites are better. had more luck on OkCupid though. but yeah I miss the old days when you could ask a girl out in person now they just think your weird or a freak

    • you might have a lower hit rate in real life but I think the chances of something more meaningful are higher. You might have to go through 500 girls online, but 5 girls in real life. I know which one I'd choose given all the effort it would take.

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  • lol I had the app for like... a day in a half... then I deleted it.

    • lol. can I ask why. I have my moments where I delete it and it makes me feel like a shit person and stuff to and get depressed sometimes but other times I meet nice people and then nothing happens of course usually just a hookup and never hear from there again. but I have heard so many different stories im just curious to know more from other GAG people

    • It was just really boring. I couldn't take it seriously.

    • its boring talking online but meeting with new people I think is fun and cool but that doesn't happen a lot these days don't know why I guess people get scared and judge from a past experience with someone else they potentially met

  • when i used to be a tinder user I had a relatively good experience. I didn't meet any weirdos, not saying there wasn't any. I actually made some pretty good friends on there believe it or not.

    • you say when I used to be a tinder user. so if you had a good experience and met nice people and that then why did you delete or stop using it. just curious.

    • I starting seeing someone!

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  • I've been using it since last Thursday and I've gotten around 18-20 matches (don't know if it's good or bad though).
    I've been talking to girls, but I haven't met one in person yet.

    • when I first joined when people was still learning about what it was and what you used it for etc. I did very well like around 200-300 matches in 1 month. now im lucky if I get 10-20matches a week. but most people say hi, how are you, good and then stop talking or they are bots or just want sex

    • Yeah, I got one bot once xD I've had girls that aren't from the city, they match you, and the next day you see they're like 200 miles away.
      Others, like you said never reply, or stop talking mid conversation.