How to make a guy want me really bad?

What are some ways to make a guy really want you? I heard flirting with him, and then acting cold might make him desire you even more. But are there any other ways?


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  • Don't act cold to him. But give him food. The best way to a mans heart is through his stomach. The second best way is through his pants but I deffinately wouldn't start there. But If you are gonna act cold to him, do it literally. See if he gives you his coat. If he does, he cares for you


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  • Smile. Be warm. Be friendly. Make it so that whenever he see's you he affiliates your face with just a good vibe, almost like whenever your around he feels happy.

    • So is it a myth that acting like you aren't interested will make him want you more? Because I've been really sweet to him and I'm afraid it'll make him lose interest

    • Yea that doesn't really work too often

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