I just wanted something casual. I think she's getting serious. How do I end it without hurting her?

Okay I'm gonna just describe exactly what happened so if you're prudish then press the back button :-P Just skip to the last paragraph if you want to get straight to the point of what I'm asking.

I met this girl in a bar and she wanted to have casual sex within about 30 minutes of knowing me. We both live at home so we couldnt do anything that night. I haven't seen her since but we've been texting for the last few weeks and are planning to meet up soon.

Now to put it bluntly, basically the only reason I was keeping in contact with her was for sex. I dont mean this in a bad way to her but Im just not interested in a relationship right now and I thought that casual sex was all she was interested in too. 100% of the reason for me thinking this is because of the way she acted so easy/slutty when I met her.

I have since found out from one of her good friends that she is really into me, probably wants a serious relationship, I put a smile on her face, etc... I have to say I was a little bit afraid of this happening but I really thought it wouldn't, maybe thats my fault, I dont know.

Basically what I'm asking is, I really dont want to string her along and make her think we might end up in a relationship when we definitely won't, so what is the best way for me to end this without her getting hurt too much?


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  • Honestly you need to just cut contact. The whole daily interaction thing will eventually grow feelings on someone and ruin your whole bone & dump philosophy.

    • What so just literally stop replying to texts or?

    • You can tell her you don't want the same things then cut contact, but don't drag it out

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  • Simply let her know what you want. How can she NOT get hurt? She won't have you regardless.

    "Sex is the only thing on my mind."

  • Tell her you wanted something casual, and now that your relationship is not casual anymore... Tell her it's over

  • be hoenst wtih her.


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