My boyfriend at 6 months bought a house, should I move in?

He didn't ask me to move in... YET but he just got a house and he will moving in sometime next month.

We've been together for about 6 months but everything we do, including sex, is ahead of everyone else. We had sex about two weeks into our relationship and we already talked about if we had kids. He really is a great boyfriend and I wanted to say that I loved him (cliche i know, at Valentine's day after playing stand by me on my guitar). But moving in together is a little different than doing everything else I planned to do with him.

Any advice if he asks me or brings up the question somehow?


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  • My sister broke up with her ex, had a one night stand, went on a date with a different dude the next day, they declared themselves "official" a couple days later, then a week later she moved in with him. And like three months later he proposed to her.

    So... do what you want because apparently anything goes!


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  • Wait until he insists you to come, do not jump in without permission. He might ask you to move in with a surprise party.


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  • Just be advised that sometimes after moving in, the spark and love is sometimes lost.