Girls: have you ever had up and down feelings for a guy?

This girl and I have been hanging out at school and somedays it's great and we have a lot of fun together and I feel like there is mutual attraction, then the next it's like we are just friends again and back and forth.

To the girls: have you experienced anything like this? To have unsure feelings?

I like her and would like to date her. Any suggestions on how I should act on this situation? Anyways suggestions on not getting into the friend zone?


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  • Yes... i definitely have. My ex boyfriend is a perfect example. One day I want him back and the next I realize I'm better off single. I broke up with him and he is very clingy towards me despite everything. It makes my life difficult and I'm confused as hell. But it's not just him... there have been other guys I feel that way towards too.

    In your scenario I think it's time you actually try asking her on a date. There's no such thing as a friend zone. If she wants to be with you for real and has feelings for you she won't put you in any zone. Guys must stop with this friend zone crap cause it's non existent. So really, just go for it and tell her straight up you're interested in spending some time with her outside school. See what she has to say and take it from there.


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  • Yep. If I feel like feelings are being reciprocated then I'm "up", if I feel like he's not into me anymore then I'm "down".


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