Girls, what makes a guys attractive to you?

Pretty straight forward, what are some of those things that makes a guy stand out from others and what do you find makes him irresistible?

Personally for me, what I look for in a girl I'm considering dating is confidence (I find confidence very sexy personally, I also find it makes the person fun to be around because they know what they want), ambition and someone who is able to take care of themselves (health wide and not completely relying on me for every little thing.)


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  • Personality: Intelligent, but only shows it when he wants to. Knows how to joke around. Intense. Passionate. Strong. Sarcastic. Loving. Doesn't mind his weaknesses. Mysterious. Isn't afraid to disagree. Assertive in his knowledge. Lost. Intriguing. Determined. Deep. Understanding. Protective.

    Physicality: Expressive eyes. Seems confident. Dark clothing. Nonchalant in posture. Tends to talk only when he deems necessary around strangers. Strong exterior. Contagious smile. Devious smirk.

    I've been attracted to different types of guys, but I'm attracted to this type more deeply. :-P

    • Thanks for the MHO.

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  • Appearance wise I tend to be attracted to alternative type of guys nowadays... meaning long hair, tattoos, rock n roll type of clothing style... that kinda thing. It doesn't mean a guy has to have tattoos or long hair to fit into that group but I'm just generalizing. Personality wise I like a guy who is intelligent, affectionate and caring. I also like if he has common interests with me and if we have more or less the same personality type. Good manners + ambition is also definitely a must.

  • His personality, his manners, how he talks to my family, if he has a natural smirk i have no idea why, but just they have to and then their looks can differ but they have to have all that.


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