I need real help about this girl I wanna date?

Iv been hanging out with this girl the past 3 weeks and I like her and I know she likes me but for some reason that I don't know it's not smooth were both not ourselves and the other day we spoke about it but I don't think it helped Cuz we didn't know why I have some things I can think of why but I doubt im right (1. im not comfortable with hooking up with her. 2. maybe she just doesn't have a good personality.) if anybody had this situation or knows about these things it would help me a lot Cuz I wanna a future with her and I don't want to speak for her but pretty sure she wants the same


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  • If you are not comfortable around her and you think that her personality is not that good then why would you want to date her? But if you really want to try to make the atmosphere a bit more relax try taking her on a fun, adventurous date, something both of you have the possibility of maybe doing something that will embarrass you. It will make you a bit comfortable around each other.


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