Should I keep talking to him and see how things will go?

The guy I used to talk to months came back into my life. I saw at a new years party and we were flirting and I thought okay he still has feelings for me. Ever since the party me and him have been texting. A week ago he posted a status on Facebook ( him and I are not Facebook friends) but when we don't talk, I check his Facebook to see how he is doing but anyway the status he posted said ("Sometimes I wish I had a girl by my side. But im to picky been threw to much. I'm complicated." ) When I saw that I thought to myself either he doesn't have feelings for me anymore or he doesn't know that I still have feelings for him. So after 15 or 20 minutes after he posted that I told him how I feel, it gave me the courage after 6 months of telling that I still have feelings for him. The thing is he never texted me back responding to what I said which is weird because know matter what it is he always replied no matter. I told out mutual friend that got us together the first time and she said it was weird too that he did not replied back and it has been a week since I sent him that texted. But him and I still been texting one minute I think he likes me and other minute I think he does not. This Saturday I text asking him to hangout and we were talking about it and we suppose to hangout soon, I just don't know when. The thing is I am confused I don't know if he likes still and I need advice on what to do. I don't regret telling him that because I believe life is to short not to tell someone how you feel about them.

I really need all the advice I get on this.


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  • You were right in telling him how you feel about him. He needs to say something. Ask him what's going on


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