Advice on girls behavior. Should I give up?

went out with a girl twice and got her number but nothing happened after that. Every time I saw her, she would stared but I didn't know what to do coz I thought she wanted to be left alone as she gave off negative vibes.

Two of weeks ago, I saw her again at a festival (probs a month after last seeing her), she just stared at me again. she continued to hold her gaze even when I looked back at her. She was with her friends so didn't go up to her. I decided to call her but as I guessed, she didn't pick up. Do I call her one last time and leave a text otherwise? help would be much appreciated. thanks :)

also when i was walking, she chased me and then literally stopped right next to me. I said hey but she just continued to walk next to me with no response... got no clue what she wants me to do.


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  • no you shouldn't call her I think she just sees you as a friend you should back off and let her call you if she wants to but do not insist or you are going to look like if you are desperate to be with her


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