Please give me advice, anyone?

Okay well i'm 15 and so is he but he's turning 16... And well I've known this boy since we were 1 or 2. (Our older siblings went to school together) and well we were always friends. Even when people would pick on him because he had anger problems due to constant bullying. I was always there for him and stood up for him. He is a little slow and different yet I still love all of those things about him because he's actually one of the sweetest and kind hearted people I have ever met. Well I started having feelings like a crush on him when I was about 8 and he was 9. And well we go to school together again now (since I finally moved bad after 2 years) and well I still have feelings and we are even closer now than before... Well I really like him a lot... And HE LIKES ME TOO! Haha he told me when we were sitting down together at lunch and I told him the same... The thing is, what do I do now? He's not the type to be all lovey he hasn't even had his first girlfriend. And well we aren't a couple. And well I would love to be his girlfriend like he's so sweet and kind and he's still managed to like me even though he's seen how big I am and like he knew me for years and even seen me in a bikini (btw I ain't skinny I just dont give a crap what people think if im comfy) and well I don't care if he's mentally slow and different I still like him a lot... But I don't want to move too fast for him yet I want to be his girlfriend. What should I do? Any advice? Please and thank you! Please no mean comments


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  • You are a really nice person! Well how long ago did you guys tell each other that you had feelings?

    • We told each other like a month ago but we both kinda stopped talking about it. Then on Monday I told him about my feelings and all. We held hands today at least haha he came up to me and well I went up to him and kissed his cheek today when he held my waist and told me bye xD

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    • Yes I know but like I doubt I will breakup with him anyways im the thpe who no matter what happened imma try my best to make things work I hate giving up on a relationship... And well I mean he I don't know he told me that like me always being nice to him and helping him with being bullied is why no matter how mad he is once he sees me or like I just go and hug him until he calms down he says it makes him calm down and feel good. Like sometimes if he's really mad and I cry because I feel I can't help, he usually starts calming down then comes by me (still mad) and I just hug him and tell him "i'm here just please be strong you'ʻl always have me" then yeah.. I calmed him down through a bunch of stuff. He reminds me of the Incredible Hulk when he's mad except well i'm there to help calm. He can't stay mad at me longer than 5 min. He's protective over me. He's like my super hero teddy bear and we take are of eachother

    • You're couch a big hearted person! I wish I had a friend like you. And it seems like you really like him, hahaha i laughed when you said he was like hulk 😂😂 thats so cute lol

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