Are shy guys hesitant to touch the girl they have a crush on?

My crush who appears to like me back is always nervous to touch me or hug me, but openly hugs other female friends of his who are taken orwho he doesn't appear to be protective of... he's protective of me and appears to be jealous of other guys and speaks nicely of me and sticks up for me - in school people were picking on me but he stuck up for me. Also after all these years he wanted to see me...
So are shy guys nervous to touch a girl if they like her?

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He also asks me to come in photographs with him and sits next to me


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  • Yes he does like you, abd just like shy guys are often nervous to talk to you they are also nervous to touch you, because they are bad at reading social ques, and are usually not sure the girl likes them. Just spend sme time around him, and enjoy spending time around him. Tryflirting a little, just remember he might not catch on to the flirting, this is not a reflection on his level of attraction to you, but of his lack of social skills. If he still doesn't pick up on your flirting you may need to consider asking him out if you want anything to happen.


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  • Perhaps you should implement the "Gentleman's Rule" (yes, it is a Southern thing.) All you have to do to find out where you stand with him is put your hand on top of his for a moment and wait. Those fingers will find yours in an instant. Probably a slight little grab at the knuckles and he will look DIRECTLY into you. Notice "into you." That is not miss typed... truly "into you," for a moment his heart is about to stop!
    Let me know if I can help. I'm a Southern boy, so I have missed out and been very lucky!

    • What's a good way to approach my crush who is shy? Do u think he has feelings for me?

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  • Yes shy persons will most likely hesitate to touch the one they like. My boyfriend more or less didn't touch me at all before we became a couple after two months, and normally he's not even shy :P