He always wants to be around me?

This buddy of mine always asks me to sit next to him and he asks me to come in photographs with him and he's always protective of me and appears to be jealous if other guys look at me. He was also very worried when he saw me crying...
Does he have feelings for me or am I just a friend?

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  • Obviously he has feelings for you, blind Freddy could see it.

    • Its usually easy for him to talk to people, but it took him awhile to finally ask me to hang out after all these years and he told me I'm beautiful on one of my status updates... also he feels shy if I say anything suggestive to him... what do u thinkof that?

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    • He doesn't put happy faces to me anymore in our msgs ever since his buddy teased me about having a crush on him... why do u think that is? Or am I just being too sensitive?

    • I don't know, maybe he's scared they'll read his txts or something lol
      Maybe you should try hinting that you like him too and set up an opportunity for him to make a move and see if he bites.

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  • It's quite obvious he has feels for you but if im wrong feel free to hit me with a newspaper xD

    • He blushes when I say anything suggestive to him, also when his buddy asked him if he wants to be "bad" with me, he answered "no"... why did he say no? He only sees me as friend? Or does he like me and is shy?

  • thank god... you did the poll... phew! :)


What Girls Said 2

  • It appears, dear, he has feelings for you in ways that would make one Think-------Have feelings for me... however, there may be a reason with the season if you both haven't hung out just yet or he hasn't asked you to...
    Try Initiating a bit on your own end to find out if there is more in store.. Ask him if he would like to hang out some time and see what he says.
    If he doesn't hymn or haw with the invite, then go from there... however, if he gives you this Impression that he would rather leave it in class with his Class Act of 'Worried when he saw me crying,' consider you both friends right now until you get a sure sign that this may change sometime.
    Good luck. xx

    • Yea we hang out often

    • He probably does like you and if nothing more in store has been going on here, he may also not want a real Relationship, just want to keep things the way they are for now and not want anything at this point in time to change. xx

  • He definetly likes you :D

    • He appears to care about me but hasn't made any move... do u think he's shy? And why did he say "no" when his buddy asked him if he wants to be "bad" with me?

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    • Yea he is shy and he doesn't know I see him as more than a friend... when a guy really likes/ cares about a girl, they don't wanna do anything physical?

    • well just at first and it depends on the guy