I want this girl but how can I achieve this?

I've met a girl and I have been instantly attracted to her since I've seen her. I asked for her number but she turned it down because she said she doesn't give it to people she doesn't know.
She's gazed at me, smiled broadly when I've been around and all signs point that she does like me. She knows I like her and she likes me and I know she does too.
But the thing is, she works in a shopping mall and the only time I see her is when she's working because I can't contact her outside of work because hey, I don't have her number.
She's single. She shows off in front of me even when she's at work. I just want to talk to her but I can't be a weirdo and go into her work, that's just needy and awkward in my mind.
What can I do to talk to her? She's friendly and very direct: she's not scared to reject a guy or scared of anybody. I know she likes me, girls don't gaze at guys they don't like. What am I to do? How can I at least pash her or get her?
Remember it's in a shopping mall and she works there so I can't really just jump the counter and pash her or whatever.
I really really do like her and she likes me but she's almost always busy with her job


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  • Pash? you sound like you are rushing there buddy. instead of trying to get her number, how about you give her yours and ask her to call you. that way if she doesn't call you, you know she is either not interested or pretending not to be interested. both ways, you can begin to ignore her, which will do some things but she still has your number. If you work it right, she'll call you, sooner, or later. You just need patience.

    • That's the thing. I'm too intense. Need to chill.

    • yes you do. you keep trying to get her number without knowing if she is interested or not. handing her your number is a good way to confirm that. maybe she doesn't want to do anything at work but she will have your number. so if she doesn't call you, don't waste your time buddy.

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  • I'm sorry but if this girl liked u she would have given her phone number to you. Personally I have a "throwaway" Google voice number for guys I don't know. I don't know how much she smiles and looks at u but if she was interested why did she refuse to give her number? If I were u I'd move on


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  • She gets a lunch break. Next time you see her ask to take her to the food court for something to eat so she can get to know you and give you her number.