Second date sex too soon?

Ok second date was pretty much the day after the first... we basically just hung out watched orange is the new black and it was nice. Things went from kissing to touching to teasing. He stayed over at mine and obviously we had safe sex. Next day he went home and Iv asked him out again which he's agreed to. But... he doesn't text or ring me as much anymore, did I give it up too soon even though we both wanted it and kind of regret it? What now?
Well he's agreed to a 3rd date which can't be a bad bad sign?
And I'm not easy... easy girls have multiple sex partners... I don't


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  • I thougt first date sex was too soon, now you ask me of second date sex is too soon ;-)

    Well, regret always folows after 'the commited deed'... can't avoid that, there will always be one or the other that will have a second thought about it for doing it so rapidly... why you ask me? because both of you know or at least came to realize that it was to soon, and that you didn't even take enough time to build up emotions, loving feelings towards eachother...

  • well, you know... easy girls aren't that desired... easy girls are only meant to have sex and byebye.


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