How is it a date/hangout?

so recently, i asked my crush to a casual date, but from what i herd she thinks it might be awkward so she asked her friends to come along... well clearly it is not a date and I wish it was. so tell me guys, what was her thought about my invitation?

having problems for being an over thinker -,-;


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  • Maybe she was scared to meet you alone try again and see if I happens again

    • well, yeah that was what i thought. and it is actually happening tomorrow. so hopes up i guess? ill just keep pushing ;)

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  • How did you ask, exactly?
    It sounds like she said yes without realising it was a date, and then when she realised, back pedeled to inviting her friends and downplaying the thing.

    • yeah that's what i thought too. i just asked if she would like to go to the new restaurant near my school. and i was too direct i guess. confidence took me over way far i suppose? ahahaha