I feel depressed, empty, lonely,. what could she be feeling, how to reconnect, regardles if she is in a rebound r now?

i feel so empty, i really miss her, and i dont know her reason for leaving me like this and hopping in a rebound relationship with a 3 year younger guy, only found out from her aunt. Ever since since she got pregnant from me, and miscarried things have been going down hill. and there was nothing i could do, we remained intimate but she started having massive mood swings, now im nowhere anymore.

i tried talking , nothing, she just couldnt say what was going on, she insulted me, and blocked me from social media. only after i wrote some horrible stuff about her, she could deblock, she made a treath calling the police, till this day on, i dont know what for. i wrote her, find you call the police, you know i didn't do anything wrong, if thats what it has to take to show you i love, fine ill pay for how others treated you. she asked me to call her, she was childish, and hatefull, told me more than once that it was over for her, but later she made a vague comment, saying we could try again in some time. i told her i know you still like mne, she hung up. she wrote me on fb, telling me to delete the posts, i did. that was last Friday . Saturday i crossed her path while i was out with a good looking female colleague, and she didn't like it, she ignored me greeting her and her face told me she wasn't pleased.

i want to reconnect with her emotionally, dont tell me move on, i dont want to. i want to send her a t shirt of mine, she really liked, she made some knots in it, and she will remember. i want to stick a small note to it, telling her that its better we dont see each other for some time, ( reversed psychology ) because so much has happened. i dont want to be clingy, and i want to be in the back of her mind

maybe i am, i dont know what she thinks. i really miss her, so why would she unblock me everywhere, and is her telling me not to write her, asking for space and time, and this rebound guy, i dont know. she keeps it very secret... so is my situation hopless or?


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  • Sounds like she want u to come bk slowly tho no pressure

    • i think the same, i do find it upsetting she is seeing someone new again, and doesn't feel like communicating with me. should i emotionally reconnect with her after 10 days of no contact, or wait it out , and is the t shirt idea a good idea or buy her a book she likes. i dont know

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    • Loooooooool yh dont hopefully it fits

    • i can tell you now , it won't fit through her post box, so i have to be very discrete. Thursday the library is open, so i can enter the main door, walk up stairs, leave the bag at walk away, rang her doorbell and leave

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  • Buy her a gift but dont distant yourself she will think you dont care be clingyish

    • i dont want to distance myself, i dont really agree with the no contact rule, last Friday was the last time i wrote, i dont went to let 10 days go by , to let things cool off a bit, i want to give it to her next week, not personally, and stick a small note to it, allong ill give her some of her favorite sweets. the note says, a lot has happaned and things got too serious too fast, my feelings for you haven't changed but maybe you are right, for its better we dont see each other for some time. is that a good idea?

    • no she will just start seeing someone new

    • huh what, she will start seeing someone new when i do what? what shall i do, people advise me to just keep quiet for a while and let her be, she can't miss me when im always around, some advise to give sublte hints, be in their minds but dont talk about anything like, getting back together or something like that, just be that guy who she fell in love with fun, flirty and confident. i just odered a book she probably will like, ill drop it of at her place, and pass a smole note, saying: something for you to spend the evening with :) i got part 2, 3 ,4 as well:) you know who its from. x is that better? i really want her back

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  • try to be yourself and everything will be fine...

    • yes ill try, i dont feel like not contacting her for 30 days, i dont want to come on to strong either, ill buy her a book, and put a small note in it, dropping it of in her postbox. ill wait few days, if she responds if not give her some time, and ask her if she liked it...

    • oh man u write too much i can't read more SORRY

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