Guys please help I am craving my bf to be in me?

guys i lost my v card last week and have only seen my bf once since then, well i have seen him at work 2 times briefly. the last time i actually met up with him was the day after we had lost our v card to each other, but he had friends over so we couldn't do anything! i am craving 'it'! what do i do/say? we might be meeting up this Friday and hopefully going to his without his friends

by the way i am 16 and 5 months, so not some young child



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  • You have to let him know how you feel.. even if you have to whisper it to him. You'll driveyourself nuts without letting him know somehow.

    • i am not with him right now, he is at work

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  • Text him and say "Baby I want the D", or a simple "I'm horny will do."

    • what now? will he not find it weird/creepy? he is at work atm

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    • thanks

    • Lol. Send the text, then delete from for phone. In the text, tell him if he txts back then you come be in trouble so it's best to speak about it in person. If he respects you, hell honor your request and you'll stay or of trouble. No matter what, just be careful.

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