I reported my manager having affairs with co-workers. Did I do the right thing?

At my job I relocated when my company expanded out of town. I was the longest serving employee at this new location. I declined the management position when I had the chance, because my life was too busy to accept it at the time. So one of the newer guys got the position. He turned out to be a real jackass.

At my job, I was asked to drive 70 miles round trip to a distant location for work with promises for gas reimbursement. The manager hired a new girl to work out there too. While I worked nights, she worked days. This girl and I became really good friends, and we went on one date. She commuted just as I had to, and was promised gas reimbursement.

She confessed to me that after she got hired, she slept with the manager. She told me about it with deep regret. It didn't matter much to me because we all have lays we regret. And I still had a crush on her. We both hated the way our manager was running things. One day, without reason, this girl and I did not receive our gas reimbursements in our paychecks. When I protested, I got fired and my female co-worker got to keep on. It was devastating for both of us.

I found out my manager felt threatened by me because I worked there longer, and called is actions into question. The head admin didn't like that I was making a higher wage than the newer staff either.

I kept in touch with this girl after being fired. Eventually she suddenly told me she had a new boyfriend and wasn't interested in dating.

I'm friends with one of the higher-ups from the old location. I told him about getting fired and how the new manager is sleeping around with other employees. Now both my manager and my old crush are in hot water with the company because of what I said.

She doesn't know I reported it, yet. It isn't fair that I get fired after working so long, while she and the manager stay on after having an affair. I reported this to get back at my manager, not to hurt her. I still value her friendship, yet I feel terrible.


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  • I feel like you did the right thing.

    bosses shouldn't be forcing employees to have sex with them to get job benefits <-- blackmail

    also people shouldn't be using their body to get job benefits <-- prostitution

    and dickbags shouldn't become managers in the first place


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  • Thats half good half bad... One thing you told someone the manager's a whore sleeping with everyone. The downside is that your crush is in trouble


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  • This heathen deserves everything he gets and so does she for using her vagina to get ahead in the professional work game.

    Fuck them both and hang them out to dry.

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