She said we should meet after exams, was she blowing me off?

So I dated this girl today, she was nice and she seemed interested. She wanted to pay the bill (this could be a bad sign). On the date she let me touch her and she seemed interested.

But when I asked her to see me again she said after exams.
And I think she grimmed or something with her mouth. I think I will dump her and find another girl. Is it okay?


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  • I would think at your age you would be a better fisherman than "just dump her" = closing the door on someone that simply needs to struggle through exams (the reason she's there) before she can give you the attention she thinks you deserves.

    Maybe you are used to snapping your fingers to get instant attention from gals, so this one is not worth waiting for?

    grimmed = grinned?

    I vote
    she's not blowing you off
    you should meet her after exams, plan this before someone else steals your turn

    • Yeah, you are right. I guess I let my insecurities run me over.

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