If a guy puts his hand on a girls waist and feels a corset underneath would it freak him out?

Some girls want to wear corsets to give their bodies a firmer shape. If a guy was to put his hand on your lower back or waist and feel a hard like shield under it would it freak them out?


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  • Lol. Sometimes I wear a turtle like thing under my clothes. My best friend saw it at a party once because I had too much to drink and I asked him to zip up my dress for me after I used the bathroom. He asked me what it was but he didn't freak out. Same thing happened with another friend when he put his hand on my back and felt it. They were curious but not freaked. xD


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  • I think most guts now days don't know what that is. If they feel a hard like shield they might think you wearing a bulletproof vest. They gonna tell the school that you gangsta


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  • If they figure out what it is they will either think you're weird, kinky or wonder how much 'body' it's holding in and how much of those boobs are going to disappear when it comes off.