Is it the way I look, my height, what?

It seems I am horrible with the girls. Either just bad luck or something about me.

I am approx 5 feet 7 inches in height and feel like a midget compared to most around me, including males and females. I don't know.

I am the athletic jock now but used to be fat. I never played much sports growing up and was a loner. Now I am trying to figure out ways to meet people but that is tough.
Really y'all good feedback would be nice


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  • Even just based on your picture, I feel like you could loosen up, you seem like you're too serious or something...
    Open up a bit, be yourself, talk whenever you feel like it, share your opinion, share your personality. The average height of ADULT females is like 5'4" in the US so I'm sure you could find plenty of cute girls shorter than you. Hell, I'm 5'8" and there are plenty of cute girls shorter than me...

    Also, straight guy to straight guy, you're not bad looking. Just need a confidence boost, and talk to people more, that's all you need.


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  • Well since I don;t know the situations with the girls I have to go off of your profile picture and what you wrote. Strictly physically, you are attractive for sure. Maybe smile though look more welcoming? Just from the picture you look very serious and sort of sad (which if you are I'm sorry). I think that ya, you need some more confidence and if you go chat to a girl try and be light hearted and chill.
    As for the height that doesn't matter. There are plenty of girls shorter than you and tall girls will date shorter, hell I'm 5'10 and have dated someone shorter (5'8) and it didn't affect the relationship at all and didn't really notice (and seriously I forgot about his height like 2 mins into our first convo).


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  • Where are you from? 5'7" is just a little bit under the average male height.

  • Bro I'm 5'4 1/2. You're far from a midget bro.

    • thanks :) yea I feel short tho

    • Well you are short. Average in the USA is like 5`10. Nothing wrong with being short, and even at my height plenty of girls have been into me. Especially tall chicks.