Unsure about him after a month of dating. Should I stop seeing him?

There a guy i'be been seeing for about a month now. We always have a great time together but I can't help feeling unsure about him. I've never had this before, usually it's black or white when I like a guy. I Def feel a lot of attraction and chemistry but why do I have this unsure feeling about him? Has anyone else experienced this before? What should I do?


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  • If you really think about it can you point to something that makes you feel this way? Is there another guy that is a "what if" are you missing an ex? Do you feel like you'll be settling?

    I think its important to try to pull the veil off these feelings before doing anything rash.

    • there's a couple things I guess. Number one is that he has three jobs and I've felt that he has not made any fun original dates in the past little while. Number two is that he has not slept over when we had sex once and that made me worry he is not emotion ally available.

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    • If he's making effort that's awesome :)!

      He may not feel totally comfortable yet staying over after a month - sometimes people can have daily rituals that are hard to break. I would say give that a little more time. If he's making an effort to see you he's definetly interested - gently coax him but be patient :)

      The activity would be great - step up once and see if that puts the gas on the fire!

    • Thank you you're opinions were super helpful!

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  • Continue seeing him until you're sure of what you want. What if you get sure about it soon? If you stop seeing him you'll never find out. You just can't be unsure forever.

  • I'd say get rid of him

  • it's just a month, wait it out for a bit


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