It seems like he's head over heals 1 day then he goes cold the next?

Okay this guy likes me and I like him back we have been taking for a couple months but he said he wanted to stay single this year, and I know other guys that do that they just don't want to get in a relationship and then leave them after graduation.
He will say I miss you when we haven't seen each other in a while and then after a couple of weeks of the of him wanting to be near me and do stuff with me it seems like he backs off and doesn't talk to me much. And he's not "talking" to anyone else so I'm a little confused. Any help with explaining or advice would be nice.


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  • Sounds like he's not ready for a relationship. He knows he kind of likes you, but also knows he's not ready to be together with you yet. If he says he wants to be single, take his word for it.