Is there something wrong? Was she hiding something?

I'm a 29 yr old male with a 2 yr old son which I get through out the week. I'm going through a divorce, but I'm separated. I was dating a 34 yr old single mom with 2 daughters an 18 yr old and 11 yr old. We were dating for 7 months we've had our ups and downs. The reason is the lack of communication she had with me. One day she would text me from mourning through the whole day from how great our sex is, how much she misses me, etc. She would often send short text messages on most days. If I asked if she was ok, she would respond "Yes" nothing else, and I wouldn't hear from til the next day sometimes. I would start wondering whats wrong. She kept her personal issues very private which would lead to avoiding me. I always tried to make her feel comfortable with me but no matter what she would avoid the subject to her stress. The only time she would share things with me was at her house but other then that she would keep it to herself. It bothered me because I always shared what I was going through to her. Even if at times it would lead us into arguments because it would be about drama over my soon to be ex wife. I also took some of her advice because she had experience from her divorce. This was the reason I started catching feelings for her. I felt like she helped me out so much. I felt like she cared. We reached a point were a small argument would lead us to not talking for 2 weeks. A few other times we didn't contact each other for a week. It all kept me thinking maybe she was loosing interest in me. She would always say no and reverse the question on me. I truly care for this women but it seems she has issues in her household. I completely understand, but some type of communication would of been nice. This past week she completely disappeared on me for 2 days so I called and it went straight to voicemail. I got worried to the point I showed up to her house. She was home but would not answer the door. I left her a letter explaining my concern. What did I do wrong?


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  • Coming on too strong. Plus I'm sure any woman would not like to hear about your divorce and ex problems. It makes us feel like we're the rebound because it's so fresh. She may be feeling that on top of her thinking this guy needs to get the divorce stuff over and done with before starting a real relationship. You should give her some space and let her come to you if she doesn't she didn't see what you to had going anywhere

    • I guess but I didn't notice since its already been 7 months she knew the whole time.

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  • I am sorry your going through a divorce. Red flags everywhere though. Why are you dating a single mother in the first place? She is most likely going to do the same thing your ex wife did to you if you get married. She is a single mother for a reason. She is going hot and cold which would set off a bell in my head. If she is keeping things secret then that's a big issue. You don't want to be paying more child support and alimony if you are already.

    • I didn't look at the single mother thing as a huge deal because she's very independent with her own house. she's extremely attractive and had a great personality to match

    • Bro trust me. That's what they all say. Is she on child support or alimony?

    • Attractive or not still something to be aware of. Like a wolf disguised as a sheep. Cute on the outside but deadly on the inside. You should find someone who isn't a single mother and is better. I mean if she is making the smallest things a big issue you can imagine what happens in a real situation.

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