i need help with something with my bestfriend?

Okay so I have had this friend for 4 years and I've been in love with her since we met. She always changes who she likes andI never know if its me. Okay so last year she told me that she liked me and has for a while and she even said she would date me later on, butt she changed who she liked soon after that. Over summer we were not friends, but now we are and she always tells me about her boyfriend and she is gonna break up with him ang junk. Our conversations are us flirting back ans forth, terrible jokes, and singing to our favorite songs. I was planning on asking her out after they broke up. SHOULD I? DO YOU THINK SHE LIKES ME? (Ps She is actually bi polar though)

  • do I ask her out
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  • or keep waiting to see if she likes me
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  • Keep waiting, don't rush to her as soon as she breaks up with her boyfriend, you don't wanna be a rebound. Wait for her to make her feelings/intentions clear to you.


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