He rejected me, how do I get over him?

Me and my crush have been through a lot together, we tell each other everything. Recently i confessed and he said he didn't think of me romantically. About a month or two after, he told me he's gay. Now it's been a year and i'm still heartbroken, how do i get over him?


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  • You need to remember that as people grow, they change. And sometimes this change pulls us apart. But it's all part of life and will eventually take us where we are supposed to be. This experience changed your character and will make you a better match for your true love in the future. Getting over him will be hard but it is for the better. I think your best bet is to stay close with friends and try to keep your free time low for a while. If you keep busy with other stuff, you won't think about him as much. And over time this will get easier


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