What to do when you get... FRIENDZONED?

I really like him we r good friends but when i told him he pulled the just friends on me amd i dont see him that way even if he wanted me to


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  • You should just sit & cry. No, you try to get out if the friend zone. If you can't, just be his friend.

    • Lol nice joke and yeah thanks apparently everyone is on his case about it. They think we would be a good couple but its irritating to him and me

    • Yeah that just pushes two people away. He'll probably end up developing feelings for you because he'll go through girlfriends & egos always there for him? YOU!

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  • you just move on in any direction you want to go.


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  • Accept it and find somebody who actually wants you. You can't change how a person feels and it would be wrong to try to manipulate your way into changing his feelings.