Started talking to someone from tinder and its really confusing?

Okay so I use tinder. Not looking for hookups or something. Honestly I don't use is for anything. I just go on there when I am bored. This really cute guy stared messaging me and he was super sweet. He gave me his number and told me to text him the next day. I was a little busy and didn't text him, but he measaged me on tinder again and just said "Hey! How's your day going?". So I ended up texting him. We had a pretty good conversation. Somewhere in the conversation he made sure to tell me he isn't a "hookup kind of guy". Like I said, he is super sweet. He said he wanted to get to know me so we started just asking questions back and forth. This has been going on for a few days. He really seems like he genuinely wants to know stuff about me. Like he wasn't asking dumb trivial questions. But he hasn't said anything about maybe going on a date or meeting. Is he just not interested and just feels like texting someone all day? Or is he waiting for me to suggest we go out sometime? Any thoughts or opinions?


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  • First of all, it's tinder. You're basically saying "I want to walk through the woods naked at night, but I don't want anything bad to happen" ya he could be an honest guy. Or he could just be playing it easy.

    "I'm not a hookup kind of guy" - said every player ever.

    If you're interested, initiate the date yourself. It could be worth it. Just keep your guard up.

  • I think he's scared to ask, tinder is full of creeps and he doesn't wanna seem like one.


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