I want to tell him I love him in a special way... but don't know what to do... help?

We've been dating for a year and I really love him. And last night we were texting each other and he said something cocky.

Oh... cocky 😝

Yea I know, because my girlfriend got my back.


I wasn't talking about you lol.

If I'm not your girlfriend what am I to you?

My future wife... I love you baby.

I told him to come over, he was outside my door he had flowers and told me he loves me... and we had sex, now I want to tell him I love him in a special way but I don't know how... please help.


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  • OMG!!! How cute!!! Take him to dinner or to mini golf you guys will have a blast but don't take him to the movies do something outdoors and fun that both will remember

    • Thank you for the idea 😊

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