Is he after Money, How can you tell?

I have known this guy since October 2014, he says he really likes me, and wants to be in a relationship with me, he lives a long distance a way. We chat everynight sometimes for hours. The otherday he said he was looking at my photos on Facebook, I said I look at his too when he's not online, I said but you dont have many, He said I don't like having them took, but I like to take photos, and he said he was looking for a camera and gave me the model number, He said its expensive like £400 used, he said could you look and see how much there I can pay up too £250 and send you the money and then you buy for me. Does he sound like he's just after money or is he being genuine. What can I say so he knows that I wouldn't have bought it without money first, so he knows I am not like that?

He said he would send money first before I bought it
He has never asked me for money


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  • Monet talks!!! Don't give him a single penny.. He is scammer.. Otherwise u will regret afterwards... I swear it..

    • I wouldn't give him a single penny and he knows I am not currently working
      he has never asked me for any money

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    • He said he will wait another year or two till the price comes down

    • Then why u r worrying for him... Don't bother yourself.. ;)

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  • Don't get scammed.


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  • That is weird 😐 I don't know why he can't buy it online, but ask you to do it for him? Yeah no. Be careful

  • He's asking u for money. He sees u as a sugar mama and he's using u