What do I do about this crush problem?

I dated someone. We went on and off a couple of times. We fought sometimes, but the other times were great. After we stopped, I started to try and get him to like me again. He was the mysterious, doesn't-want-to-talk-about-his-past type guy. He was from the Philippines. Anyway, I am a little annoying. Finally, we were at a marching band (we were both in it, that is how we met.) competition. He got so fed up with me trying to win him over he blew up and said he never wanted me to talk to him again. So I just stopped after that. This was in Oct. 2014. It is now Jan. 2015 and I couldn't stand how much I liked him and how things just were. So I finally ran over to him and said "Stop torturing me! I am going crazy!" and ran. I was so frustrated, but he still hasn't said any words to me. He didn't look mad. What should I do? Should I try to get with him still? Do you think he is still mad at me? I am not sure how he would react if I started talking to him again. Please and thank you!


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  • I think he made it very clear that he really does not want to talk to you anymore, just respect his decision and move on. If you ever want even just some sort of friendship with him you should give him his space right now, otherwise you'll just drive him further away.