How should I approach the guy I like?

We're both freshman in college. He came into one of my classes at the end of the semester after-mid term last year. I didn't like him at first but the more I saw him around campus the more I started to get feelings for him. I caught him looking at me a few times and thought he might just be nosy. Nothing to that I look at people all the time. I'm black and he's white which doesn't matter. I'm a little taller than him too by 2 or 3 inches. When he spoke to me for the first time today I felt hot looking into those greenish blue eyes with his brown blonde looking hair shaped into a cute style. I couldn't say much I was speechless like woah he talked to me. I'm from the south and he is too. My voice is sweet and soft spoken hard to hear sometime haha and his is a little more southern than mine I like it lol. Think I got hot because I was nervous :P. He smiled at me but hey everyone smiles. I'm going to try and have small talk with him first. Then see how it goes or if he has a gf. Oh yeah I'm an introvert and it seems like he is an introvert too. Just found out he plays baseball well that was on his shirt the other day so easy to see. Since we've been back in school the feelings are becoming more stronger than ever I don't know why. When I work in the library on campus I see him there or when I study. We take two classes together and I sit right next to him in one. I never had a bf before or been kissed but have been hit on by guys a lot just not the right ones :P. I'm really hoping I can start a relationship with him. He's a sweetheart, smart, funny, nice, haha I could go on. I really wanna get to know him better the professor pointed out he had a German last name. I would like to maybe learn more about him and be friends or more maybe learn more about his culture and other interesting things about him :).


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  • yeah! definetly go for it :D


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